Help Help

Our mission is a service providing high quality and psychological help around the world.

Our goal is to solve mental health problems: in some cases healing, in others - improvement of the client's quality of life. We use technological solutions that include algorithms based on artificial intelligence

What we offer clients:

  • Diagnosis and formulation of a request for further therapy;
  • Automatic selection of a specialist after completing a diagnosis questionnaire;
  • Support during therapy.

Our psychologists are our value

We have a comprehensive system for selecting the best specialists. We check the education relevancy, continuous professional development, the number of hours of personal therapy and clinical supervision. We interview every psychologist and analyze real-life cases to make sure of the level of professionalism, observance of ethical principles, empathy and compassion.

Social Projects

It is also very important for us to help those who cannot get psychological help. For example, in 2022 some of our psychologists provided free counseling to people affected by the war in Ukraine. In addition, for all questions there is a 24/7 chat room (link to Telegram), where anyone can ask a question on any topic, and psychologists from our team will give an expert answer or provide assistance.

Another social project is providing educational content on Telegram and TikTok platforms from our team aimed at self-help and self-education.

We are currently working primarily with the Russian-speaking audience.