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Upon the initial diagnostics, you can formulate a request to a psychologist and the system will select a specialist with whom therapy will be the most effective.


Our goal is to obtain a positive result for the client. This requires transparency in the therapy process and the tracking of dynamics by both the service and the therapist.


We are providing 24/7 support, always ready to answer client's questions and deal with each situation individually. We maintain strong ethical principles and respect confidentiality.

Less than 10% of psychologists pass our selection process
Higher education in psychology and related fields
Our psychologists received their higher education at the top universities. An important prerequisite for working with us is continuous professional development.
Reviewing psychologist's clinical supervision
Our specialists are subject to personal therapy and clinical supervision. They have at least 5 years of prior counselling experience. This allows us to confidently guarantee that you work with competent and experienced professional that will help you
Testing important traits such as Tolerance, Empathy, Mindfulness and Awareness
During psychologists' interview, we discuss real-life cases to test the claimed level of competence and ethical principles
Client support
We are always ready to replace the specialist if you feel she is not suitable for you. We are there to help answer all your questions and support you during the whole course of therapy.
Fixed cost
If the psychologist increases the cost of his services, you are assigned the original cost for one year.
Maintaining 100% confidentiality
Refunds for cancellations
If you cancel at least 24 hours in advance, you'll get a refund. Full refund policy (link) Full text of terms and conditions
7 years - average experience in counselling of our specialists
Help me choose a psychologist
How does the psychologist gets selected?
Fill out the questionnaire and get a list of psychologists that fit most to your specific issue
Choose a psychologist, suitable time and a way of contact for consultation (e.g. WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Zoom)
Psychotherapy is one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

Start changing your life for the better.

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Experts and Mentors
Epifanova Natalia Mikhailovna
Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Member of the Society of Systemic Psychotherapists

Specialty: Psychiatry (1986), Psychotherapy (2000)

From 2000 to 2009, Natalia was head of the Crisis and Psychosomatic Disorders Department at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine in Moscow. From 2000 to 2009, Natalia was Head of the Crisis and Psychosomatic Disorders Department at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine in Moscow.

She has 174 printed scientific papers, articles, chapters in monographs, and she is currently the supervisor of 5 PhD students

Since 2010, additional experience in psychiatric and psychotherapeutic clinics.

42, photographer, USA
Elena is my first psychologist with whom I have been working for almost 3 months and I am very pleased with how she helps me to figure out what I need to work on and where my beliefs and blocks come from and how to get rid of them. She gives practical advice. A very knowledgeable psychologist. I recommend her! Thank you!
32 years old, Tel Aviv
Elena helped me a lot. Due to her techniques and support I changed the style of my behavior in life, found answers to lots of questions! She became a support for me so that I find this support in myself!!!
40 years old, New York
I would like to thank Anna, the psychologist, for her help. She provided professional support, resolved my concerns. Anna is a very pleasant, responsive person and psychologist. I sincerely recommend her as a real professional.
I came to therapy with a request to "work through my resentments against my father". But I had no idea that it would happen in one session. Thanks to Irina, I got answers to my questions. I realized how my childhood resentment had affected me and my personal life. I accepted my father for who he was. I took a huge burden off myself. I feel easy and free! A huge thanks to Irina
40 years old, designer, Switzerland
I have been working with Regina for almost a year now. She helped me a lot in a difficult situation when my mental capacity was already depleted. Now I'm learning to look for emotional and physical resources, not to overexert myself, to be attentive to myself. It's a discreet job. At first glance we don't talk about anything in particular, just discussing my business. But I notice how something changes in my view of myself and different situations. Psychotherapy is a slow medication that gradually gives an effect. I consider sessions with a psychologist to be a great investment in my life.
32 years old, Berlin
I went to a psychologist with a request to sort myself out and get my personal life in order. At some point I found that my life had simply faded away. I worked with Nadezhda, who as a specialist immediately responded to my situation. Without hesitation, after a trial meeting I bought a package of 10 sessions at once. During two months of cooperation I finally managed to understand what I generally want in this life (and what I do not want), to learn to accept myself in any way. Nadezhda helped me to open my eyes to myself, to get to know myself better. Of course, this allowed me to determine my further vector of movement. This included the question of relationships. To find the right specialist right away - this is great luck. I consider myself lucky:) I would like to thank all your team for your work! And especially Nadezhda.
35, entrepreneur, California
Thank you very much, Natalia, for the therapy you provided. During several months of work with you, my inner world was filled with harmony and tranquility, and my outer world adjusted. I became more relaxed, natural, more trusting and my relationship with my man moved to a new level. I am very grateful for your professionalism and individual approach!
39 years old, freelancer, Moldova
After 20 years of marriage and raising two children, I came to a psychologist with a "Groundhog Day" condition. My strength was at zero, inexplicable anxiety overtook me, my work was no fun, and my relationship with my husband was on the verge of collapse. When panic attacks began-and I did not immediately recognize that this was the case-I realized that something had to be done. So my work with a psychotherapist began. At first, in therapy, it was very painful. The mental pain took over. I remembered all the resentments, disappointments, unfulfilled promises, dreams, etc. But I remembered all the things I had dreamed of and tried to forget about, put off, because there were other more important things in life. When the therapist let me know that everything was not lost, my second breath began to open. Some strength began to appear. Together we made a plan of action. After an hour of work a week, for the rest of the week I was still impressed by the meeting and did my "homework. This assignment became the new plan. And this plan began to come to fruition, albeit slowly. Moreover, I began to meet the right people in life, supporting me, so necessary for me in the new segment of my life. As a result, I remembered my old hobbies - and they are already bringing me additional income. I hear people's gratitude for my creativity. In parallel, the relationship with my husband moved to a new wave of care and love. But it took time. But it is worth it.
How the system selects a psychologist?
With the diagnostic questionnaire, you answer questions about what your specific issues. The questionnaire algorithm identifies the request and suggests psychologists who work with this topic and have relevant experience. After studying the detailed questionnaires of the suggested psychologists, education, experience, video representation, you can make a choice.
What is the length of each session?
The duration of a session is 55 minutes. Sessions can last longer if the psychologist sees a need for it.
What is the fee of a session?
The fees for our specialists vary, starting from $20. Fee of each specialist depends on her experience, qualifications and education.
How I can pay for the sessions?
All payments are made through our partner bank, providing the opportunity to pay with various cards. We do not store or process your card details
If a psychologist is needed urgently
The minimum time to pay for a session upfront is 12 hours. If you pay for an initial session in less than 12 hours, the chosen psychologist might not have time to respond, so it will have to be rescheduled. To ensure that the psychologist is available for a session at a short notice, please contact the support team on the website.
Is it possible to provide a counselling session to a friend as a gift?
Of course, you can buy a gift certificate for any amount. The electronic certificate will come to your email. You can give it to a friend at any time.
Do you have any questions? Email us service
The uniqueness of the service is the built-in algorithm. It allows clients to easily identify their request on their own and select a most suitable psychologist thanks to the diagnostic questionnaire. All of our psychologists are carefully selected. This is the only way to achieve effective psychotherapy.